It was formed in Katrineholm in 1995 and later the former merged with another musician to in 1996 and they relocate to Stockholm as a way of expanding their music. It started by only two singers who are also the founders before others were enrolled after their talents were approved to be an asset to the group. Since then, Dokken, Accept and Metallica later joined the group and started to sing as employed people before they were allowed to become the owners. Since then, the group has grown over time and they are now the best in the world for singing rock music.


The started by recording a demo in 1999 with two hits before they were approved by fans. Since they wanted to introduce themselves to the fans and to check if they can be accepted, they started by recording Hip M.F/Sad & Gone so that fans can get a taste of what they can offer. Upon approval of their two tracks, they started getting confidence and they released successive music singles before they released their first album. Through this wisdom, they have managed to become at the top positions in almost every music competition as evidenced by the numerous awards that they have been winning since its first record.

In 2005, they released the powerful single by the name learn love which was like a waited song because it was bought millions of copies by the fans. Sin 2006, they again amazed their fans through their album that contained all amazing and wonderful songs. Fans had all the reasons to believe this group that they can handle music tasks perfectly and they were voted for in many awards.

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