companyFatal smile rock band was formed in 1995 by the famous Mr. Y who is known to be a legend in the field of rock music. Since then, it has won many fans through its high profile music that never fails to entertain the listeners. In 1996, Mr. Y and the Johansson formed a similar group and started producing excellent music and performances that caught the attention of the world. It was from that time that they moved to Stockholm which is another place that they established themselves up to date. It started introducing itself to the market by producing two new songs in 1999 which they ensured they capture the feelings of fans since they wanted to set an excellent beginning for themselves.

They included members like the Whitesnake, Dio, Accept among others that ensured music was of high quality and within the expectations of the clients. Every client was meant to believe that high profile music is the work of the fatal smile band. From there, they have been winning many concerts and tenders to go and entertain people in various places. This is the most outstanding about them, they never fail to entertain fans no matter the situation on the stage.

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