Fatal smile band has been equipping singers with all manner of music accessories to make them succeed in life. They have doing that out of mercy because they know what they went through before being at the top position in the music industry. Due to this, they have become more than just a music group because it has fostered the growth of music through various ways. They have been offering the services below because they know that they need to give back to the society since the society build them.

#1. Being mentors to upcoming musicians


Being the experts in music industry, they have been involved in promoting others. Although they were charging the musicians, it helped a lot because many of them did not know where to start for them to become superstars. Today a lot of artistes have met their target goals through this group.

#2. Selling of music instruments


Having been in the music industry for long, they know what kind of music instruments are suitable for artistes so that they meet their targets. They have a myriad of tools that artistes can use to ensure that there is perfect music production. Among the instruments they sell is the piano, turntables, modern electric guitars and speakers that can record and play at the same time. Their store serves as the end collection where people can obtain all manner of musical instruments. It is therefore the perfect thing about them that they want others to become more powerful than they are.

#3. Selling albums and music singles


They are selling their own music and that of others so that they promote the society. Most of the money that they get goes to the charity donations because they want to promote the society that they grew in.

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